Visit of Klaus-Hinrich Vater

On September 27th, Klaus-Hinrich Vater visited the Neander Motors AG in the W8 Media Center.

The Kiel-based entrepreneur and founder of the Vater Group, which today includes 12 individual companies that have been supporting Neander for several years now in matters of IT cloud infrastructure and internal software programming, was given a detailed tour of the exciting company history in the premises of Werftbahnstrasse 8 by our CEO Lutz W. Lester.

It goes without saying that the two Kiel residents also reminiseed history in the form of the legendary comic figure WERNER and the associated homeland in the book, music and film publishing house of Achterbahn AG: After all, a comic strip story of WERNER provided the founding idea for Neander with the development and construction of the world’s first turbodiesel motorcycle. The fact that the world’s first turbocharged diesel outboard engine with less than 100 hp has now been built after 14 years has provided plenty to talk about for the two gentlemen. Lester explained that the outboard motors with double crankshaft technology are mass-produced by Steyr Motors in Austria and sold worldwide by Yanmar.

In his capacity as President of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Klaus-Hinrich Vater was also able to gain a personal impression of the diversity of the companies based at Werftbahnstrasse 8 during a tour of the W8. At present around 130 people work here in a total of more than 20 companies.  The topic of training was not neglected either, as the W8 already offers a number of apprenticeships for various occupations and from November onwards, there will also be a training place at Neander.

The two gentlemen concluded that it is essential to continue the exchange of experience.