Validation Test Ride

On 11 July 2016 we rang in the validation phase 2 of the NEANDER Dtorque with a two-week event of test drives on the Lago di Como with suppliers, investors, and partners.

Since then the Dtoque has done the first hours of the planned 1000 h test run successfully on a Smartliner 19 an on a Tinn-Silver 530.

All of the invited guests are thoroughly enthusiastic so far, praising the extraordinary running smoothness and also the readiness for production.

This superb running smoothness is owed to the double crankshaft technology in our motor. By generating opposing forces the double crankshaft design eliminates nearly all vibrations that usually develop around the steering axis. The running smoothness thus achieved also shows itself very positively at the test measuring of the pass-by acoustic pressure level: Each pass-by of the measuring device according to EU directive DIN EN ISO 14509-1 showed results that were significantly below the limit and therefore we will tackle the official noise emission measurement unconcernedly!

The test drives in Italy will go on until Thursday. Afterwards the Tinn-Silver boat with a V2 motor will go directly to Almere. There our Partner Yanmar Marine International will place it at the disposal of interested parties for extensive test drives. The Smartliner 19 will stay in Italy for further calibrations, measuring and test runs.