Readiness review at our partner Selva Marine in Tirano, Italy

Beginning of April our engineers and the expert teams of Davis Engineering, Weber Egineering and Selva Marine attended a readiness review in Tirano, Northern Italy, at the headquarters of Selva Marine.

During this two-day meeting the international teams were assembled around the same table with the aim to accelerate the engine’s development.

One of the results was that most of the parts have been delivered ready for series production. The next step is the manufacturing of the five validation engines: Three of the engines will be long-term tested in the tanks at Selva Marine, one in the waters of the North Sea and on the River Weser by our partner company Fassmer, one by Neander on the waters of the Lake Como. This setting provides the possibility to validate all of the engines for 500 hrs. under full load up to September 2015.

Besides a lot of clarifications in the technical fields the participants were inspired by the constructive teamwork and the great atmosphere during the readiness review. They left Tirano with a lot of confidence.

Hereby we would like to encourage all potential trading partners who are interested in a test run on water to contact us!