Our Dtorque distribution power picks up

BARRUS appoints three dedicated dealers to drive sales for YANMAR DTORQUE outboard.

YANMAR’s UK distributor Barrus has strengthened its UK sales and service network with the appointment of three dedicated dealers for the Dtorque 111 Turbo Diesel outboard.

The new Committed Sales Dealers, named as Inverness-based Caley Marina, Fettes and Rankine in Aberdeen and South Shore Marine in Northern Ireland, are ideally positioned in the market to focus on meeting increasing demand for the Neander-engineered outboard, distributed worldwide by YANMAR.

Selected to support Barrus’s growth strategy in the aquaculture, oil and gas, and fishing sectors, the three established YANMAR dealers will spearhead the drive to promote awareness and expand sales of the Dtorque for applications including fast rescue craft and safety boats.

Here you can read the whole press release: