NEANDER summer fête

On 5th of August, in glorious sunshine and warm temperatures, the NEANDER summer fête took place. As a pleasant change during the thrilling phase of developing the NEANDER Shark Turbo Diesel outboard motor, the colleagues came together on the trawler ‘MS Odin’ at the Willy-Brandt-Ufer in the Germania Harbor in Kiel, starting the afternoon with coffee and cakes. Of course work was not totally abandoned as the stay on the ship was used to check up on the status of a long-term test investigating the corrosion susceptibility of a high-pressure pipe.

MS Odin in Kiel served as party venue

MS Odin in Kiel served as party venue

The MS Odin was launched in 1965 from the Husum shipyard. For many years it was used as a water supply ship on the Hallig islands in the North Sea. Since she is owned by the Ahoi Schiffsbetriebe GmbH & Co. KG she is moored in Kiel and is used for private trips on the Baltic.

Of course where NEANDER is involved there needs to be some proper action: A Segway trip along the banks of the Kiel Fjord provided the necessary adrenaline boost. It was obvious that everybody was enjoying themselves, only the in-built speed limit was lamented by some.

Afterwards the team met again on the Odin, where dinner and drinks awaited the hungry crowd. The balmy evening air on the Kiel Fjord provided the perfect atmosphere for a relaxed end of the fête, which some enjoyed until right into the night.