The second Kalkar Shipping-Technics-Logistics – the only trade fair for inland waterway transportation – took place on 27 and 28 September 2015.

On both days German and Dutch companies displayed their latest products, trends, innovations, and services to the interested public from the marine trade. Our Partner Marx Marine also took part as exhibitors and presented the Neander Shark 50 hp turbodiesel outboard at the trade fair, which attracted over 5,000 visitors. This was the first occasion for prospective customers to try out the Neander Shark turbodiesel by kalkartaking a test drive on the river Rhine.

As our cooperation with Yanmar is visibly taking shape more and more, Yanmar’s German Partner Marx Marine has taken the opportunity to not only exhibit a mock-up model, but also to demonstrate the Neander Shark motor in real operation on the river Rhine. For this purpose the 50 hp turbodiesel outboard was mounted on a Tinn-Silver 530 aluminium boat of 530 cm length and 550 kg weight – a typical working boat for many purposes – where it did a lot of powerful persuading work on the water.

Both days the sun shone faithfully for us and with a light breeze and the usual shipping traffic on the Rhine many test drives took place successfully. Like on other occasions of this kind test boat passengers were impressed by the powerful drive provided by the torque delivered throughout the speed band from 600 rpm to 4,000 rpm, reaching 50 kmh effortlessly in spite of being “laden” with 3 to 4 people – all this of course producing no more than an agreeable background noise due to the engine smoothness.