Joel Reid is our new Global Sales Director

As part of Neander Motor’s plan to restructure its management team to prepare the business for the future Joel Reid has been appointed as Global Sales Director.

Reid has been given the task to raise the current activity to over 1000-unit sales per year by 2024. In order to achieve this, he will be responsible for defining the Commercial Strategy for the business and focusing on all aspects relating to the customer. For this Reid will be managing the Sales, Marketing and After Sales activities and will be working closely with Björn Thomsen the new CEO and the worldwide distributor network.

Statement from Joel Reid, Global Sales Director of Neander Motors:

“I am delighted and honored to be joining Neander Motors. This project has shown that it is formed by people that have the experience, ambition, and financial support to become a leading entity in the marine industry in the years to come. I knew I wanted to be part of the team when I met Bjorn Thomsen and saw just how well we could work together to build a business that can hopefully expand the possibilities of marine engine propulsion for the professional market.”

Statement from Björn Thomsen, CEO of Neander Motors:

“Now that Neander has taken the Dtorque sales into its own hands, Joel is the perfect fit to lead these areas of the company. Not only is he a true professional in the field of sales and marketing with many years of experience within the marine business. His personality and natural leadership also make him a fabulous fit for our team.”

Welcome aboard dear Joel!


Photo from left to right: Björn Thomsen (CEO), Joel Reid (Global Sales Director)