Dtorque Launch Event in Almere

On the 28th and 29th of September our global distribution partner YANMAR held a press event to launch the Dtorque 111 diesel outboard to the market.

It really marked a milestone for us, many people from different departments within Neander and Yanmar had worked really hard towards this day”, remarked Rozemarijn Loffelt, Senior Marketing Specialist at YANMAR MARINE INTERNATIONAL B.V.

Loffelt further reports: “We invited our partners, the media and distributors from 9 different countries to the event in the  marina of Almere. On the 28th we started out with a product presentation and a dinner afterwards. On the 29th we had prepared boat rides with 4 different boats  equipped with Dtorque 111 engines.

All morning the press enjoyed demonstration rides on the different boats. We also gave them a chance to try out and steer part of the way if they liked, which resulted in quite a wet experience for some. Luckily, we had prepared some towels on the docks! We were also blessed with good weather, which is never a given thing when organizing something in The Netherlands.

The media was impressed with the game-changing Dtorque: the sound, smell and vibration levels were truly exceptional and we got a lot of positive feedback.

In the few days that have passed since the event, we can already say that we have unleashed something unique into the market, the interest is huge! Media from all over the world is picking up on this story and we are getting a lot of inquiries.

It felt like everything fell into place on this day, and it is only a start… We would like to thank everyone involved!”

We would like to join in with this gratitude and look forward to continuing our great cooperation!

From left to right: Floris Lettinga (Senior Global Sales Manager YANMAR MARINE INTERNATIONAL B.V., Rozemarijn Loffelt (Senior Marketing Specialist YANMAR MARINE INTERNATIONAL B.V., Lutz W. Lester (Managing Director NEANDER SHARK GmbH) and Sander Gesink (Marketing Assistant Manager YANMAR MARINE INTERNATIONAL B.V.)