Dtorque 111 tiller steering test

Pre-series production start of the worldwide first turbodiesel outboard under 100 hp – our NEANDER Dtorque 111 – is drawing ever closer.

Therefore more and more parts are getting tested finally with regards to their readiness. Amongst these is the tiller and the remote switching, which we obtain from NHK-MEC, the market leader for these parts. NHK-MEC have their head office in Yokohama, Japan. Since 1973 they deliver remote switchings and tillers to the big Japanese outboard producers. In the end of October two Japanese engineers from NHK-MEC visited our company in Kiel in order to check the installation, the free movement and the function of their switchbox jointly with us, directly at the Dtorque on the water. The same went for the tiller, but here the main focus was on the vibrations.

The tests were completed successfully. Our Japanese guests were particularly excited about the low vibrations at the tiller – according to our two engineers this this can easily bear up comparison with a four-cylinder petrol outboard.

Many thanks to NHK-MEK for their support: Arigatou gozaimasu!