NEANDER MOTORS announces senior management restructure

Lutz W. Lester, who has been with Neander since the company was founded in 2003 and was appointed CEO of Neander Motors AG in 2006, has handed over the position of CEO of Neander Motors AG to his long-time board-colleague Björn Thomsen, who previously held the role of CFO. Lester will remain on the board as COO.

After almost 20 years in management, 60-year-old Lester has played a key role in shaping the Neander company, investing the +50M Euros raised to date and is looking forward, in line with the wishes of the shareholders, to joining the Supervisory Board of Neander Motors AG when his contract of employment expires next year. This will ensure that he can continue to provide the company with important impulses and that he will continue to be available with his experience and his network.

Statement from Lutz W. Lester on the new appointment:

“I am leaving the business in safe hands with Björn Thomsen. He has managed the financial and back-office areas of the business for the last 8 years, he is a natural leader within the organization and has the drive and energy that our shareholders would expect from the CEO for Neander.”

Statement from Björn Thomsen on the new appointment:

“Thanks to Lutz Lester’s vision and conviction, the company is today equipped with a strong, reliable and promising product. I am now looking forward to leading the company into the next growth phases. There is immense potential in our company and our innovative technology, and diesel will undoubtedly remain the fuel of commercial maritime shipping in the decades to come. We will pursue a very dynamic yet sustainable growth of our company while broadening our product portfolio.”


from left to right: Lutz W. Lester (new COO), Björn Thomsen (new CEO)