Design review October 2016

Early October Neander engineers met with our American construction partner Davis Engineering and our production partner Selva for a design review in Öhringen by the Limes – a dead straight piece of the ancient Roman frontier wall, a UNESCO world heritage site in Northern Baden-Württemberg . Aim of the review meeting was to compare notes face-to-face about the first results of validation phase 2 and their impact on the pre-series production.

During the two-day meeting the data accumulated in the still running validation tests in the tank at the University of applied sciences Munich and those from the tank at Selva’s in Italy were evaluated jointly. Afterwards the results of the test drives with the motors on the water in Kiel and Almere (NL) were included. Altogether this enabled the participants to compile the future test schedule and finalise all preparations for the pre-series production.

At the moment eight motors are running, of which two are undergoing a 1,000 hr duration test in a tank and one on a boat on the water. The other five are used for application drives for the BOSCH software, the propeller calibration, and the certification regarding the emission limits as well as for the achievement of SOLAS requirements (International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, a UN convention for safety of ships).

After two and a half intense days all participants were off home with newly acquired insight, confidence, and an extra portion of motivation for the upcoming “final spurt”.