CTO becomes technical advisor of Neander Motors AG

After his appointment as Chief Technology Officer expired on 31 March 2018, Claus Brüstle moved to his new external function as a consulting engineer of the company.

At the last Supervisory Board meeting, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board Holger Bredfeldt had already appreciated the many years of constructive cooperation with Claus Brüstle.

Then on 18 April it was the day: On invitation of Claus Brüstle the entire team celebrated the trustful and very successful cooperation to date and at the same time toasted the new form of future cooperation in best early summer weather.

In his speech Lutz W. Lester, Chairman of the Board of Management of Neander Motors AG and Managing Director of Neander Shark GmbH expressed his great respect and thanks to Claus Brüstle for his achievements as member of the board responsible for technology.

Both gentlemen have known each other since 2006 and together they can look back on the major part of the Neander company history, having reached their ambitious goals of starting series production at Steyr Motors and the worldwide sales start through Yanmar with the Neander team. Therefore the persons responsible at Neander are delighted that Brüstle’s know-how will continue to be available to them in his new role as advisor.

Claus Brüstle expressed his sincere thanks for his active time on the Executive Board since 2013 and emphasised again that Neander has created a to date technologically unique marine propulsion with the Dtorque 111. Thus there were enough reasons to celebrate.

As there are no plans to fill the position of Chief Technology Officer, in future the Executive Board of Neander Motors AG will be composed as follows:

Lutz W. Lester (Chairman of the Board of Management since 2006) and Björn Thomsen (Chief Financial Officer since 01 January 2018).

Claus Brüstle’s appointment as Managing Director of Neander Shark GmbH also ended on 31 March 2018 at the same time as his term in the Executive Board, so the previous authorised signatory Andreas Roth was appointed Managing Director on 01 January 2018. Therefore the management board of Neander Shark GmbH is now composed as follows:

Lutz W. Lester (since 2009), Andreas Roth (since 01 January 2018) and as authorised signatory (unchanged) Björn Thomsen.