The Dtorque’s 50 drivability impresses also at low temperatures

After our engine has successfully completed more than 60 cold start trials, showing that the Dtorque is able to start at temperatures of -20°C or lower, further trials were carried out together with BOSCH to test the operating performance at low temperatures.

With first-class support by Norrkust Marina Varvs AB in Båtskärsnä (near Luleå/Sweden) the Dtorque’s drivability at temperatures of -15°C and lower was tested directly on the tender of the icebreaker “Ymer”.

A part of the harbour was freed from ice especially for our tests and the boat tied to the quay wall so that we had a small space to check if our engine runs properly in all revolution speeds and load ranges.

The result: As expected the worldwide first turbo diesel outboard engines with twin crankshaft technology willingly takes gas and also runs soundly in neutral even in these freezing conditions. In addition to that all parts have also passed the test in extreme sub-zero temperatures.

Thus the Dtorque fulfils all requirements of the specifications – even the Swedish coastguard expressed interest in our product straight away.

Many thanks for the support by Norrkust Marina, the BOSCH team and NEANDER staff on site for this great contribution to this development adventure!