Classical meets modern

This was the motto of my tour with our testboat with a double installation of Dtorque 111 on Friday, 07 July 2017. It took me only 1 hr 45 min to drive the 45 nautical miles from Kiel to Flensburg for the 13thDampfrundum” (“steam all around”).

Here every other year since 1993 on the second weekend in July cultural relics of the technical kind from all of Northern Europe come together for a major event. Being a modern and innovative boat engine our Dtorque 111 turbo diesel naturally attracted the audience’s attention as much as the many steam ships.

Some Danish marine officers were so enthusiastic that I had to go alongside their ship and explain to them every detail of the motor.

Also the board and members of the Flensborg-Yacht-Clubs, in whose harbour area our boat was moored for the weekend, were seriously fascinated after a trip with the Dtorque.

Used as a press boat on Sunday I drove Sylvia Peters, the editor of the “” magazine as close as possible to the traditional ships and large steam ships so that she got the best opportunities for great photos. After she was happy with all her pictures we took a few circles around Arved Fuchs with his Dagmar Aaen, which crossed the fjord under full sails.

We are already looking forward to the next Dampfrundum in two years’ time!