Certificate of Registration ISO 9001

Just before Christmas 2015, on 16 and 17 December NEANDER Motors AG and NEANDER Shark GmbH had their first ever audit for certification according to ISO 9001.

Ever since the start of the designing and development process of the outboard motor at NEANDER a very systematic and well-documented way of working has been standard in our company. This is one of the foundations of the successful design and development of our engines and therefore of our business. We were eager to make it official that our work and our quality management system are “state-of-the-art” and started the certification process. Preparations took nine months, in which we documented our already established procedures in manuals, and then we faced up to the ISO 9001 audit. We even pre-planned procedures that can only be implemented now, step by step, through our cooperation with our partners Selva and Yanmar.

“This might turn out to be a model case of continuous development as it should be run” remarked auditor Mr Claus Czerny from BSI as he awarded us the certification according to ISO 9001.