Assembly training in Steyr

Our managing director, Lutz W. Lester, kept a promise to himself and gave himself a Christmas present:

As part of an on-the-job training course at Steyr Motors in Austria, he underwent several days of assembly training on the Dtorque 111 in order to experience the scope and complexity of the assembling process from A-Z first hand and in person.

Thanks to the hands-on experience I can now understand the individual assembly processes and challenges much better. It was really fun to work in such a professional and helpful environment. This experience has once again confirmed impressively that we have found a competent and innovative production partner in STEYR MOTORS in the field of diesel engine technology who will certainly contribute to meeting the high quality requirements of our customers “, says Lutz W. Lester while working at the production line in Steyr.

He has already registered for another training next year…

The first picture shows Dr. Manfred Dürnholz, consultant of Neander Motors AG on the left, and on the right Lutz W. Lester, Managing Director of Neander Shark GmbH and Chairman of the Board of Management of Neander Motors AG.

The last picture shows from left to right: Sandeep Manehani (Steyr Motors GmbH), Dr. Dürnholz, Dritan Fetahi (Steyr Motors GmbH), Thomas Fermüller (Neander Shark GmbH), Harry Kleinmann (Neander Shark GmbH) and Lutz W. Lester (Neander Shark GmbH).