Neander Motors partners with Alvarez Riveira

Neander Motors has expanded its global distributor network through partnering with Alvarez Riveira, a Spanish supplier of marine engines and products.

Alvarez Riveira have been dedicated to the sale and maintenance of engines and industrial equipment for 40 years. Based out of a large Central Office in Ribeira, A Coruña, Alvarez have forged an impressive reputation with commercial and recreational customers alike.    

Neander’s partnership with Alvarez Riveira will see the Dtorque 50 Turbo-Diesel Outboard engine made available to customers across Galicia and Cantabria.

The partnership aims to raise the awareness of an already proven product to the commercial marine market across Northern Spain and the North-West Iberian Peninsula. The Alvarez Riveira sales team have already begun sales outreach to target customers and have been receiving engaged interest and positive responses. 

José Antonio Álvarez Areces, founder of Alvarez Riveira, comments, “Now we are in the position to offer the most advanced and efficient marine engines across all segments and power ranges to our demanding client base, both professional and recreational. Bringing Neander to Alvarez Riveira is particularly exciting, as it is a new but already a really iconic marine brand with broad appeal for our customers and that gives us the potential to explore new opportunities in Northwestern Spain.”

Neander’s Managing Director, Joel Reid, comments, “I am confident that our partnership with Alvarez Riveira will enhance Neander’s presence in Northern Spain and the North-West Iberian Peninsula. Alvarez Riveira are an experienced team with a track record of exceptional customer service and we are delighted to be working with them.”  

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