How to shop


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1.  Go to the shop

On the Neander webpage ( select ‘Shop’ from the menu bar.

The language can be changed to German or English, or your web browser might automatically translate the pages for you. 

2.  Sign in

Please use your sign-in details given by Neander. If you have forgotten your username please contact Neander. If you have forgotten your password, select ‘Forgot your password?’ button.

3.  Create order

After login select ‘Create Order’.

4.  Complete the ‘Order Information’

General Information

a) External Document No

The number you provide here is for your reference only. For example, it might be your internal Purchase Order number. 

b) Requested Shipping Date

This is the date you are requesting to collect your order from Neander in Kiel, Germany. 

If you select to ‘Pick-Up’ your order in the ‘Shipment Type’ field below, then this is the date you are requesting to receive your order. 

Neander aims to provide your order on the requested date, however this is not always possible. The actual dates of pick-up / delivery will be confirmed by Neander within three working days.

c) Shipment Type

Pick-Up: Picking up your order from Neander in Kiel, Germany, is the standard sales term. Neander can arrange shipping at an extra cost.

Delivery: Select this option if you would like Neander to arrange delivery of your order to the address provided. Neander will charge transportation costs and an admin fee of 1.5% of the total amount for this service.

Billing / Shipping Address

Your address will automatically appear in the left-hand column.

If you wish to send your order to a different address, please complete the right-hand column. Only countries with a distributor / dealer contract with Neander appear in the list.

Select the ‘Next’ button.

5.  Select Products

a) Select the ‘Add’ button.

b) Select the search icon to search for an item.

c) Using the ‘Parts Catalogue for Distributors’ identify the part you wish to order. 

The minimum quantity available to order is specified in the catalogue.

For example, if you want to order the ‘Fuel Injector’, copy the part number …

… and paste it into the search bar.

d) Click the search icon …

… and your part should appear. 

e) Click the ‘Select’ button …

… and the product info of your part appears. 

f) Change the ‘Requested Quantity’ amount if you would like to order more than the minimum amount.

g) Click the ‘Submit’ button.

h) You will then be directed back to your ‘Selected Products’ page.

i)  Continue to add products you wish to order by selecting the ‘Add’ button again.

j) When you have finished adding your order items double check your products and select the ‘Next’ button.

  • Neander Item No. is the number from the parts catalogue
  • Product is the name of the part
  • Requested Quantity is the amount you want
  • Minimum Quantity is the minimum amount that can be ordered
  • SRP is price per unit
  • Discount in % will show any discounts you are entitled to
  • Line Amount is the cost of each the parts

6.  Review and Submit

Review your order.

When you are happy …

… select the ‘Submit’ button.

7.  Active Orders

You will see that the ‘Status Reason’ is ‘Submitted.

Select ‘create’ to create another order…

… or select ‘your name’ and ‘sign out’ to end the process.

8.  View status of order

To view the status of your order, sign back into the portal and select ‘Active Orders’. 

Check the ‘Status Reason’ column to view the progress of your order.

The status reasons are:

  • ‘Draft’: when an order has not been submitted yet
  • ‘Submitted’: an order which has been submitted
  • ‘Completed’: the order is waiting for Neander’s internal approval

Select the arrow to open your order if you wish to view your order.